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    The Most Innovative Sales and
    Marketing Team in the Real Estate Industry

    We are a specialized, one-of-a-kind real estate sales and marketing firm offering a unique buying and selling experience unparalleled to the industry standard.

    We do not call our industry leaders just ‘agents’, they are Real Estate Professionals because their executive power, knowledge, and authority ensures your real estate experience is carried out as intended: quickly and skillfully.

    Our clients want a powerful brokerage standing behind their real estate professionals.

      • The Trembley Group Real Estate is your choice because:

        • Scott Trembley, our Broker in Charge, and Jeremy Jenks, our Vice President of Sales have 30+ combined years of experience.
        • Our Transaction Specialist, Shannon Dial, and our Director of Marketing, Nancy-Paige Robinson, have 28+ combined years of experience.
        • Out of 166 Zillow teams across the US, we are the #1 Zillow team.
        • We are the #1 reviewed Zillow team on the Grand Strand.
        • 90% of leads start on the internet.
        • We are #1 in converting an internet lead to a sale.
      • How do we do that?

    We respond to every incoming lead within 2 minutes.

    Is this the kind of powerful team you are looking for?

    Our clients want to be listened to and truly heard and we take this very seriously. Through purposeful listening and deliberate inquiry, we understand our clients’ needs.

    This allows us to:

        • Guide your process with powerful results and create a seamless real estate experience for you.
        • Be the professional you are looking for and can depend on.

    Do you want to be truly heard and listened to?

    Our clients want the ultimate professional real estate professionals they can trust with great service.

    We are professionals and provide elite service, which means:

        • We return phone calls promptly.
        • We show up when we say we will.
        • We do what we promise to do.

    Would you like to work with an ultimate professional that guides your real estate experience?

    Our clients want a knowledgeable, local market expert who inspires them and gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

    At the Trembley Group, you get your questions answered because:

        • Our real estate professionals are hand-picked and screened by our President and Vice President of Sales. The Trembley Group does not allow just anyone to join our team. They must align with absolute high standards set in place. And nothing less.
        • Our real estate professionals are empowered to be the most knowledgeable in the industry through mandatory on-going weekly individual and team training.
        • Shannon Dial, our Transaction Specialist, with 20 years experience, unites with our sales executives to quickly propel your deal forward.
        • If your real estate professional does not know the answer, he/she will go to great lengths to find the answer for you, drawing from the combined 48+ years experience of our Executive Team.

    Would you like a team like this with 48+ years experience on your side?

    Our clients want a confident and fearless leader with cutting-edge tools at their disposal, directing the process, negotiating on their behalf and closing the home they are purchasing.

    You and our real estate professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art software:

        • At your fingertips is our advanced, integrative, user-friendly website … your very own MLS, up-to-date in real time.
        • Our real estate professionals can see which homes you are looking at and help you in your purchasing process.
        • We use a powerful paperless system which transfers contracts between all parties quickly and easily.
        • All real estate professionals at The Trembley Group have strong relationships with our preferred partners – lenders, attorneys, and home inspectors – to help you close your home hassle-free and speedily.

    Do you want a confident sales executive leading your real estate purchase?

    Our clients want peace of mind, knowing that they are #1 on their real estate professional’s mind.

    You receive special attention that you want and deserve because:

        • At The Trembley Group, we care. This may sound like a Pollyanna statement, however, this caring starts with our real estate professionals. Equipping them to be their best selves, practice professional engagement and integrate effective daily business practices, this powerfully impacts you as our client.
        • Our office community of caring for one another extends further making a difference in our community of the Grand Strand, reaching out to everyone we touch. We are determined to make a positive difference in your life.

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