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    Murrells Inlet Real Estate

    Murrells Inlet is a seaside town that is considered to be the “Seafood Capital of South Carolina”, but is also home to some of the nation’s finest golf courses. The area maintains the quaint feel of a true fishing village, unspoiled by concrete and high rises. It’s a place sought out by fisherman and naturalists, whispered about by antique collectors, and revered by art lovers and horticulturists. Home to Brook Green Gardens and the peaceful Marsh Walk, it’s the place where golfers come to relax, families come to dine, and snowbirds come to retire. It is a friendly community that you would be proud to call home.


    This map shows a birds-eye view of Murrells Inlet and where it sits within Myrtle Beach. For a close-up, see the map below.


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