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    Information on Closing Your Home In South Carolina

    The following is important information on closing your home whether through financing or cash.


    1) HOME INSPECTION: You are required to have a home inspection completed. Your Real Estate Agent will contact a home inspector on your behalf. Once completed, the inspector will send you an email with the results. Your Agent will go through the inspection report with you and determine what, if anything, the sellers need to repair, replace, etc. The Home Inspector will contact you directly and you pay him separately. This is not included in closing.
    2) RECORDING YOUR CLOSING: The way closings work in SC is that once you actually ‘close’, the paperwork needs to be taken to the registrar’s office to be recorded, which usually takes several hours. Once the deed is recorded, you will then receive the key. If the closing is in the morning, then the deed will usually record by late afternoon. If closing is in the afternoon, it will not record until the following day. However, you do not have to be present for the closing – what is called a ‘mail away’ closing can be done, where you sign all the paperwork by mail (e.g. Fed Ex). Once it closes, your Agent can either hold the key for you until you are in town or it can be mailed to you.
    3) CLOSING ATTORNEY: In South Carolina, there is what is called a “closing attorney” who will represent you throughout the process. They do the title searches and provide you with all your closing information. The Trembley Group Real Estate has several fantastic attorneys that we work with. Their fee is added to your closing costs. Fees usually are around $500. Once the Agent has the final, executed contract, they will contact you. It really is important to use a local attorney and lender for they know the Myrtle Beach process of doing real estate business and can make your closing seamless from start to finish.
    4) CL-100: In South Carolina, it is required that a termite inspection (CL 100) be completed. This is paid for by the seller and needs to be completed at least 10 days before closing. If there is not a satisfactory CL 100 report, then the seller is required to make repairs to bring it to satisfaction. The seller handles all of this and the attorneys make sure it gets completed.
    5) HOME WARRANTY: The seller has agreed to provide a one year home warranty on all the appliances. We will provide you with the warranty at closing. At the end of the year, it will be your responsibility to renew. With you not being here on a regular basis, it would be advisable to continue with the warranty. But you can make that decision next year.
    6) UTILITY PROVIDERS: I will provide you with a list of utilities. You will have to arrange to switch to your name on the day of closing.
    7) PROPERTY INSURANCE: You will need to obtain property insurance. I will send you information on some companies and you can shop for what is best for you.