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    Former Bank CFO Chooses Real Estate Superstardom | Holly Schreiber

    Scott Trembley: Hello, everyone. Scott Trembley here, President and CEO of The Trembley Group Real Estate firm, otherwise known as Coach T. Today I’m standing here with an amazing individual. And we’re always talking about changing lives here at The Trembley Group and bringing on special people, and man, we got extremely lucky here with Miss Holly Schreiber.

    So Holly, I just want to welcome you. We’re going to talk about our story today. I’m so glad to have you, love you so much.

    Miss Holly has made a change in career. She came from the banking industry, CFO of a number of banks, and she’s now moved into real estate, so really, really kind of a cool story.

    Holly, share with me like your experience here at The Trembley Group. And you made that change. How has it impacted your life and the real estate industry being here with us?

    Holly Schreiber: Well, Scott, with The Trembley Group, I found the transition to be pretty easy because of the skills that I have previously in leadership and being very analytical and problem-solving, results-oriented. I was able to transfer those right into this field as I started learning the whole thing.

    Scott Trembley: And let me tell you something, she not only has brought that leadership and results and problem-solving here, let me share with you the number, guys, that Holly has done in her first year, eleven months in, in real estate. 45 new sales in real estate in her first year.

    And those of you that are watching are probably going, “Oh my god, how is that possible?” Because the industry standard, guys… you hear when you come out of real estate school – you hear from other brokers – it’s three to five sales.

    So, Holly, tell me this, I mean, this is an amazing number. Of course, you’re an amazing person. So tell me, what has, you know, what’s different about the Trembley Group than the industry out there? What makes us different? What does that do for you?

    Holly Schreiber: Scott, I think the team approach that you’ve developed here, as well as the training, really separate The Trembley Group from the other firms out there. This is one year at Trembley Group that might be equivalent of seven years in another company.

    Scott Trembley: Yes.

    Holly Schreiber: But it’s as a result of the organization that you’ve built. The team approach and the training are phenomenal.

    Now when I say phenomenal, it’s very intentional and purposeful. You know, we role play with our teammates at least two days a week in the morning before we get on the phone.

    Scott Trembley: Yeah.

    Holly Schreiber: So that we have the right words and the right solutions to help our clients best.

    Scott Trembley: Yes.

    Holly Schreiber: We have sales meetings once a week. Not once a month or a quarter, but once a week, that are very meaningful. You come in prepared to teach and train us how to be better agents and how to change lives with the people we come into contact with each day.

    Plus, we work right alongside our teammates. So its very much camaraderie and team building and helping one another that has made a difference for me.

    Scott Trembley: Awesome, awesome. So we keep hearing that, changing lives, changing lives. We are all about changing lives. And so to change lives, one thing that we’ve built the Trembley Group on is the culture and training and the coaching.

    As you see behind me here, these are our five core values here. And we just think they’re super kind of amazing. Today I just want to end in this discussion with Holly and talking about the coachable core value. So tell me what the coachable core value has done for you and how it’s impacted you and also the ones around you here.

    Holly Schreiber: Well, being coachable means, you know, really having a desire to learn every day, be open and receptive to new ideas and to me it’s a lot about trust and respect. We all have a great deal of respect for you and your experience and how you just have a passion to change lives every day.

    So when you give us advice, we know it’s in our best interest and our client’s best interests and we see phenomenal results from following your leadership.

    Scott Trembley: Now let me share something. I’ve got amazing people around me, so I learn from these guys every single day. I so appreciate that. And I love this lady so much. She has really changed me.

    She’s changing our lives and she’s changing a lot of her client’s lives. So, guys, here’s the thing. Guys and gals out there. If you are interested in changing your life and maybe creating a story like this, doubling or tripling your business, getting into a, I don’t know, maybe a cultural change or what have you, reach out to me.

    We’d love to talk to you. We’re always looking for that next special person here at The Trembley Group. And my cell phone number to do that is 843-455-6636. And my email address is Scott@TheTrembleyGroup.com. Make sure you change a life today and be amazing. Take care.

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