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    Get To Know Our TTG Family | Why 6-star Service Means So Much To You & Us

    The Trembley Group Real Estate Sales Professionals are a cross-section of humanity. They share a few characteristics in common, the most important being their commitment to improving the lives of others, whether it be the lives of their family, lives in the community through personal outreach and volunteer work, or the lives of their clients. Among other characteristics, that caring attitude and commitment is a requirement to work for The Trembley Group.

    The Trembley Group Real Estate Blog has published a number of articles about hiring the “right” agent to help find or sell a home. Those blog posts include qualifications like the Realtor designation and questions to ask such as whether an agent is an MLS member.

    So, buyers and sellers need to find qualified agents when looking for a real estate professional. But what about those intangibles – those immeasurable characteristics – that make people who and what they are? How do buyers and sellers find a real estate professional that they trust and can be comfortable knowing that their best interests are being put first? Here’s a little about each Trembley Group Real Estate professional that might help buyers and sellers know who they are.

    Jeremy Jenks is the Vice President for Sales at The Trembley Group Real Estate. Jeremy has assisted over 400 families find their dream home while producing $75 million in sales in just 8 years, beginning in the midst of a major recession, the worst for real estate in the past century. There were no shortcuts!

    Asked to perform leadership tasks almost from the start of his career in residential real estate, Jeremy created a dynamic training program at The Trembley Group Real Estate that focuses on helping new real estate licensees – that provides a blueprint for instant success in the business. His personal focus is giving back so that new agents can learn from his successes and failures.

    Jeremy is equally committed to helping his clients succeed by providing them with an unparalleled level of professional real estate service. Jeremy expertise includes supervising new home construction and real estate renovations.  

    Over the last three years, Jeremy has consistently been in the top 1% of agents for new home sales in the Coastal Carolina Association of Realtors.

    Read Jeremy’s Clients’ Reviews

    Bret French enjoys all aspects of the real estate business. He loves meeting people from all walks of life and helping them make one of the most important decisions of their life.

    Whether a first-time home buyer or a luxury home seller, Bret approaches each transaction with excitement and energy.

    As one of The Trembley Group Real Estate’s seasoned agents, Bret prides himself on going above and beyond his clients’ expectations. His success is a combination of knowledge, expertise, and years of experience. Bret has several designations and certifications. With years of experience, Bret has acquired skills and a business understanding that are unmatched by most other real estate professionals.

    Bret believes good communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and by listening carefully he recognizes the unique needs of his clients and can deliver the necessary results. He finds the home that best suits his buyer’s financial needs and lifestyle. And his use of innovative technology and his “out-of-the-box” marketing skills to provide maximum market exposure for sellers.

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    D’Ambrah King is a Trembley Group Realtor specializing in residential sales. She is a self-described hustler. Anyone who spends more than three minutes with D’Ambrah knows that she is highly motivated to see that her clients receive maximum value in their home purchase or sale. She applies the Trembley Group Real Estate marketing tools to put her listings in front of potential buyers and takes a personal interest in finding the perfect home for home buyer clients. Whether buying or selling, she always guides her clients in the right direction. D’Ambrah has worked in the real estate business for five years and for The Trembley Group Real Estate for a year and a half.

    Ask D’Ambrah’s clients about what makes her so special and you’re likely to hear something about timeliness or integrity. “Most of my clients aren’t surprised that I’m compulsive about being on time and aren’t surprised at my focus and attention to detail when they find out I was a member of the Army National Guard for eight years. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about responsibility and doing the right thing,” she says. “I was stationed in Ft. Jackson where I fell in love with the South Carolina weather. It beats my native Rhode Island weather. After I was discharged, I permanently moved to Myrtle Beach. They have an ocean here and who doesn’t love the ocean?”

    In her spare time, D’Ambrah likes to golf. She’s even worked as a caddie and caddied for the PGA. And when she’s not helping her clients find the perfect home or on the golf course, D’Ambrah will likely be found walking Nova, her Rottweiler, or walking one of the local rescues at a local animal shelter. Timeliness, professional, and caring – a pretty accurate description of D’Ambrah.

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    Brad Emond is from a small town in Northern Indiana, but don’t let that fool you! Brad has owned or managed several highly successful businesses in the United States and Canada. Brad understands that running a profitable business is all about exceeding customer’s expectations. After pioneering the Canadian operations of a car rental company, Brad went on to own a home energy performance company with operations in the United States and Canada. That led to managing a heating and air conditioning company in Florida, ultimately relocating to Myrtle Beach.

    Brad understands customer service and what it takes to exceed a clients’ expectations. He has been directly and indirectly involved in the real estate world for many years. Brad is thrilled to have found a home in real estate sales at The Trembley Group. In addition to residential real estate, Brad has developed an interest and expertise in Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand commercial properties.

    When he gets a chance while being a busy realtor, Brad loves all things sports, enjoying time by the ocean, and exploring the many restaurants along the Grand Strand. 

    Read Brad’s Clients’ Reviews

    Natalie Cruse is a native of London, England. She moved to the Grand Strand in 2001 to attend Coastal Carolina University on a golf scholarship. Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Sports & Recreation for Disadvantaged Children.

    After graduation, Natalie spent 11 years as an LPGA Teaching Professional. Natalie still enjoys playing golf socially and competitively and participates in many charity golf days. Natalie’s 16 years in the Grand Strand brings a wealth of knowledge about the area, especially in the golf communities. There’s no one more knowledgeable of Grand Strand golfing community than Natalie.

    Natalie always gives her clients excellent and timely communication. From her experience as an LPGA teaching professional, she understands that exceptional and professional service is the key to developing an effective partnership with her clients.

    Read Natalie’s Clients’ Reviews

    Jeff Kurutz is a Trembley Group Real Estate professional who specializes in the sale of new and existing Grand Strand homes. Jeff has a reputation for great customer service, consistent communication, and strong attention to detail. He strives to give every client a seamless real estate transaction experience, whether dealing with buyers, sellers, or cooperating agents.

    Jeff has been a resident of the Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach area since 2010. He loves living in the area and loves sharing his experience with his clients. Before choosing a career in real estate, Jeff worked in customer service, including several years working as a golf professional.

    When not providing first-class real estate service, Jeff takes advantage of some of what the area is known for: golfing, fishing, and soaking up the sun on the beach.

    Read Jeff’s Clients’ Reviews

    Christina Gray came to Myrtle Beach eight years ago for a visit from Hampton, a small town in New Hampshire. She fell in love with the Grand Strand and never left. Christina still loves the Grand Strand and that is just one of the reasons she’s passionate about helping home buyers realize their dreams in Myrtle Beach. Since graduating from high school, Christina studied marketing and business administration in college and has worked in customer service. Her 12 years of customer service experience shows in the level of service she gives her clients.

    “I love building strong business relationships based on trust, value, and honesty,” she says. “I like to dig deep into the things that are really important to my clients. There is so much satisfaction in discovering a client’s needs and then finding the right home that gives them everything they want and need.” Christina has a passion for helping home buyers on both ends of the home-buying spectrum – first-time buyers and people like herself who love the idea of getting away from the nasty, northeast winter weather.

    When she’s not serving her clients, Christine enjoys doing anything outdoors and anything associated with strength and conditioning. Christine competes in CrossFit.  

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    Jessica Bullard is a rare breed – a lifelong resident of Myrtle Beach. After studying art at Horry-Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University, Jessica worked in marketing.

    Jessica joined The Trembley Group Real Estate about a year ago. In addition to helping families find their dream home, Jessica is developing an expertise in investment real estate. “I love to analyze all that goes into maximizing return on investment,” she says. “I derive enormous satisfaction when I find my clients a first-rate rental investment property and then structure the transaction to achieve the maximum ROI.”

    Jessica believes her passion for real estate investment helps her do a better job for her owner-occupant family clients, too. “Understanding everything that goes into creating real estate value helps me match the right property with my client’s needs.”

    Read Jessica’s Clients’ Reviews

    Chris Koppel is a wife, a mother, and a combat veteran. She proudly served in the United States Army in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. Chris has lived in Myrtle Beach for 17 years and knows the Grand Strand. For the past twenty years, Chris has owned Chris Koppel Photography, a commercial photography business serving the Grand Strand.   Like every successful business owner, Chris has a passion for serving others, particularly veterans. Her passion for service led her and Michelle Snoberger to create an outreach ministry that feeds and clothes the homeless in Myrtle Beach. The ministry is now supported by five churches in the area. Before teaming up with the churches, they began by driving around and giving away hot meals and clothing out of their car. Last fall, Chris and Michelle were awarded the Jefferson Award, a prestigious and longest standing public service award.

    Chris’s passion for service and for helping others translates into the exceptional service she gives her real estate clients. “Putting my clients first means being accessible and being a good listener as well as being a good communicator. I always respond quickly to my clients’ needs,” says Chris. “But more than anything else, it means genuinely caring about others.”

    Every Sales Professional that works for the Trembley Group Real Estate was chosen for their professionalism, integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, and negotiation skills. But the most important quality every Sales Executive shares is a client-first philosophy that helps them help their clients invest in their dreams. When buying or selling a home, don’t depend on the market; depend on a Trembley Real Estate Sales Professional’s character and skill.

    Read Chris’s Clients’ Reviews

    Eric Graham was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan. After graduating from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Eric moved to Myrtle Beach to begin a career in hotel management. He was sought-after as an employer and general manager due to his reputation for honesty and integrity.

    Eric had a passion for creating lifetime vacation memories for his guests at his hotels. Now he makes lifelong memories for clients by helping them find the ideal home that perfectly meets their unique needs and desires. Just as he got to know the needs of his short-term guests and provided them with 6-star service, he gets to know and discovers his clients’ unique needs and desires. That’s how finds a beautiful home that makes lifelong memories.

    He is enthusiastic and energetic and will go the extra mile when assisting a client, ensuring that he provides 6-star service each step of the way.

    Read Eric’s Clients’ Reviews

    Lora Coward is one of The Trembley Group Real Estate newest rock stars. Lora moved from Maryland about nine years ago. Actively selling since February, Lora has already matched more than 30 homes and homebuyers. Lora says the key to her success is her countless questions and her dead-on real estate instincts. She gets to know her clients, then finds them the home that perfectly matches their needs. Lora recently listed a home on a Friday and it was sold on Monday.

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    Andrew Innocenti is a husband, new father, and an Iraq combat veteran. After leaving the Marine Corps, Andrew began a ten-year career in sales. He has been a real estate Sales Professional with The Trembley Group for about a year and a half.

    Andrew is committed to helping his clients find the perfect home. While his clients find him thorough, focused, and committed, Andrew believes finding the right home for a home buyer shouldn’t be a high-pressure experience. “I find that a slightly laid-back approach helps my clients make sound decisions and find a home that’s perfect for today as well as one that meets their needs for the future,” he says.

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    Steve Alston is another of those rare Myrtle Beach residents. Like Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White, Steve was born in Myrtle Beach. He has been in the business of selling homes for three years but only a few months with The Trembley Group Real Estate. Steve is a true professional, in every sense of the word. He loves the negotiation process and in his relatively short time in the business, Steve has been awarded the Master Certified Negotiation Expert designation to best serve his clients, whether buying or selling. Steve recently completed the Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors leadership training. Only twelve Realtors are chosen for this leadership training each year which prepares participants for leadership positions in the industry.

    When Steve isn’t giving his clients six-star service buying or selling real estate, he can found on a dance floor in Myrtle Beach, on the Grand Strand, or around the Southeast.

    Steve is a Latin dancer. Steve enjoys Salsa, bachata, and tango dancing and does it competitively. “Dancing is a great way to exercise and relieve stress,” Steve says. “I started dancing about the same time I started my real estate career. Believe it or not, Latin dancing really energizes me. I think it gives me an edge and makes me a better real estate professional.”     

    Read Steve’s Clients’ Reviews

    Denise Vansant joined The Trembley Group Real Estate in April. Denise is a Pennsylvania transplant and has lived on the Grand Strand for nine years.

    Read Denise’s Clients’ Reviews

    Christi Wickliffe-Bessinger is a native South Carolinian, living in and around the Grand Strand since age two. She received a BA in communication from the College of Charleston and has worked in marketing, advertising, and public relations for more than 14 years. After serving as the advertising and marketing director for a local real estate and vacation rental company, Christi decided to pursue a career in real estate sales. Christi knows the Grand Strand real estate market, North Myrtle Beach to Georgetown.

    As a lifelong Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach resident, Christi is excited to promote the Grand Strand and “sell the beach”. Her extensive knowledge of the market is an enormous benefit to home buyers, and her marketing expertise is an asset for those looking to sell their home.

    Now a “retired” soccer mom, Christi is active in community service, currently serving on the board of directors of the St. James High School Shark Club.

    Read Christi’s Clients’ Reviews

    Jolee Cahill loves the slower pace, the cost of living, the friendly people, the mild climate, and the beautiful beaches of Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand. It’s why she and her family moved from New York/Connecticut. After the move and years working in sales and marketing and education, Jolee found the perfect profession – selling homes. She found it to be the perfect blend of helping people and educating them so they can make informed and financially sound decisions. She takes equal pride in giving first class service to both first-time buyers and fellow retirees. “I not only get to help them find a property they love and can afford but I get to guide them through a sometimes exasperating process, Jolee says. “The rewards are enormous and their gratitude and appreciation drive me to the next and next and next client. I’m living the dream, working in a dream job and most of all, I’m helping people find their dream home.”

    Read Jolee’s Clients’ Reviews

    Luke Anderson is the newest member of The Trembley Group Real Estate Group. Luke is a Horry County native and says he loves showing off and sharing Myrtle Beach and the beautiful Grand Strand. Luke and his family live in Surfside Beach. He graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in marketing. Luke mentors a weekly meeting of young men called the Taters. “I am passionate about empowering and building up future generations through programs such as Chrysalis and Salkehatchie,” he says.

    Luke prides himself on clear communication, talking his clients through all the scary parts of a real estate transaction and setting realistic expectations to ensure a smooth, seamless experience. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Luke is an expert at identifying client’s needs and exceeding their expectations with a well-executed plan. To better serve clients who are in the 50+ market, Luke is a Senior Real Estate Specialist with training and expertise in the needs and challenges of this very important Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand demographic.

    Luke believes his life’s purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others. That drives him to work hard for his clients and to build relationships that last a lifetime.

    Read Luke’s Clients’ Reviews




    Need help? Call The Trembley Group at 843.945.1880 ext. 1 and we’ll help you look for the perfect listing or buyers agent!

    At The Trembley Group, we pride ourselves on being the experts at more than just selling real estate. We are local residents, some of us have been here for a lifetime. The rest of us will be here until the end of time. We love living, working, and playing in the diverse backyard of Coastal Carolina, and look forward to helping you live and love your dreams soon too. Please reach out to us by phone or email for personalized service and one-on-one advice. 







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