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    How To Create An Amazing Customer Service Experience

    Scott Trembley: Good afternoon. Scott Trembley here, President and CEO of the Trembley Group real estate firm here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I hope you guys and gals are doing fantastic out there. I just want to share something with you today. We were having a pretty cool little mastermind meeting today in our coaching session here on Wednesdays and we’re always talking about leadership and how to lead the process in real estate and anything that you do in your life.

    Today was along the lines of leading the customer experience and really, really getting ahead of creating an amazing customer experience for all of your customers. We referenced companies like Starbucks and Disney, Amazon, companies like that that you always feel really great when you mention their name and their – you know, my pleasure – but they’re always bringing amazing service and that’s really, really important to them.

    In real estate we work so hard to get to the point to speak with folks and generate business and set up appointments, getting in front of them and then hopefully find the home for them or list their home, create the business, get it on paper, write that contract and purchase agreement, sell that home. But what we do once it goes under contract and what’s the customer experience look like between contract and close? The question for the room was: Do you have a plan wrapped around that?

    So we really kind of role played that some and discussed it and talked to some of our top agents that have really low cancellation rates in their business. A few items came to mind. One is do you have a plan once the buyer or seller goes under contract to connect with them twice a week? So the first of the week, the end of the week. Communication is key and you always want to get in front of it and make sure you’re just checking in, sharing with the customer what the next step is, future pacing, you probably heard that term before, future acknowledge where they are and maybe their emotions but then future pace exactly what’s going to happen and where they’re going to go.

    For example, Jeremy made mention today of a first time home buyer and they had just written a contract, super excited. Before he got off the phone, he future paced and spoke to them in terms of, “Look guys, I know you’re super excited. Let me share with you something that’s probably going to happen and don’t worry about it because it’s going to go away in three or four days, but what’s going to happen is you may get a little anxious and go, ‘What in the world did I just do? I just bought a home. I feel a little crazy.’ Some people call it buyer’s remorse but don’t worry. That’s going to go away in three or four days. We have the home inspection lined up. You’re in great hands with the lender and everything’s going to work out great. As a matter of fact, I’m going to communicate with you at least twice a week, just staying in front of any questions you have.”

    They felt great. They were super excited and they also said, “Wow, how did you know that’s what I was thinking?” One of the things is: have a plan to stay in front of your purchasers or sellers after the contract’s signed at least twice a week. The other is always acknowledge where they are in the process and so if they’re getting emotional about it, acknowledge it.

    “So Mr. And Mrs. Seller, I understand exactly how you feel. I’ve been there before myself, but let me tell you what’s going to happen in this process now that we’ve signed this listing agreement. You know we’re going to market the home. I’m going to do everything we can. We’re going to be on social media. We’re going to do open houses and you’re going to get an offer at some point in time, hopefully early in the process, but just know the offer may be extremely low but know this. Be excited that you have an offer because it’s our job to actually help you negotiate that, to get that best price for you and get you to where you want to go, so don’t worry about low offers or anything that happens. We’re going to take care of you and this is exactly how we’re going to do it. As a matter of fact, we’re going to be in touch with you every seven to 10 days or two weeks throughout the process.”

    Future pacing and letting folks know exactly where you want to go is extremely important and know this: Have a plan towards customer service. It’s one thing to write purchase agreements or sell listings, it’s another thing to close. We’re in the business of closings do matter so we want to create raving fans throughout the process. If you have a plan and you put it in place, and you let your sellers and buyers know exactly what you’re going to do, and you take action on those plans each and every week, you will have extremely happy buyers and happy sellers.

    And let me tell you something, that will mean dividends, huge dividends in your business moving forward. That one customer you have could be worth four or five other customers, which in Starbucks terms they say that one customer is not just that $4 cup of coffee, that one customer is worth $20,000 over the life of that customer.

    No difference in the real estate business. Take care of your customers. Create an incredible experience. Get out in front of it. Future pace. Have a plan. Your business will really, really blossom. You will have raving fans and oh my gosh, they’ll be telling everybody about the incredible experience they had with you as a professional real estate agent.

    So those were our thoughts today. We had a lot of fun talking about it. Those are the types of things we talk about here at the Trembley Group because we’re always looking to go above and beyond and be those experts in the area. If you would ever like to have a conversation with myself about real estate, or possibly joining our team, the number is 843-455-6636. That’s my cell number and you can also reach me at Have an amazing day.

    For more information contact: Scott Trembley, President & CEO,, 843.455.6636


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