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    How to Choose a New Construction Home

    The market is so strong for existing homes that many homebuyers who have never considered it in the past, are looking at new construction and houses under construction. With inventory of existing homes so thin, the sales executives at The Trembley Group Real Estate are spending more and more time helping potential homebuyers find newly constructed homes in the many new, high-quality subdivisions in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand.

    When It Comes to New Construction, There Are Many Benefits & Advantages: 

    1. New home buyers can participate in their home’s design process.

    2. New construction is highly energy efficient.

    3. Newly-constructed homes often include green systems.

    4. A newly constructed home will require fewer repairs than an existing home.

    5. Today’s new homes are engineered specifically to minimize maintenance.

    6. Quality builders often agree to new home warranties.

    7. New construction is significantly safer than existing homes.

    8. A home building company is in a better negotiating position than an individual.

    Participate in Home Design

    If a Myrtle Beach homebuyer can afford the time and doesn’t need a three-week move-in, buying a
    newly constructed home is a great idea. New home buyers can participate in their home’s design process. They can choose floor coverings, the perfect lot, paint colors, and appliance upgrades. Those are the sort of decisions a buyer can’t make with a used house – it just not possible.

    Choose Energy Efficiency and Green Appliances

    Since the late 1970’s, building codes have mandated increasingly higher energy efficiency standards. The most recent International Energy Conservation Code came out in 2009 and requires about 17 percent more home energy efficiency than the codes of three years prior. It’s pretty clear, homes that just minimally meet the new energy code are going to be highly efficient. And newly-constructed homes often include green systems and appliances like high-efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units. Retrofitting an existing home with energy-efficient systems is possible, but not without significant expense.

    Fewer Repairs, Less Maintenance, and Homeowner Warranties

    From a practical perspective, a newly constructed home will require fewer repairs than an existing home. It will be awhile before carpet has to be replaced. The home will not need to be repainted or need new appliances. And today’s new homes are engineered specifically to minimize maintenance. Composite exterior trim will never need to be repainted and will never rot. Quality builders often agree to new home warranties that cover repairs that become necessary for at least the first year. If a roof develops a leak or the water heater breaks during the warranty period, the builder will pick up the tab for repairs. That doesn’t happen with a used house.


    New construction is significantly safer than existing homes. The building code requires fire retardant carpet. And the building code now requires hard-wired smoke detectors. These devices provide better protection than battery operated smoke detectors which will fail to perform if the battery runs out. Hard-wired units run on house electricity and have a battery backup if the house power goes out.

    Seller Concessions

    Finally, homebuyers may be able to squeeze a few more concessions out of a home building company than an individual seller. It’s easier to for a company to spread a concession over thirty lots and homes than it is for the same concession on a single existing house. And builders are often able to offer mortgage financing perks. Some builders even have their own mortgage companies and can offer incentives that an individual seller can’t.

    Buyers of newly constructed homes in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand are lucky to have so many first-class new-home builders doing business in the area. From small custom builders who build one custom home at a time to large national builders who offer the design homogeneity and amenities of an entire subdivision, the area has a lot of high-quality options for homebuyers interested in new, quality, custom construction.

    For more information: Jeremy Jenks, Vice President of Sales,, 843.638.3002

    Need help? Call The Trembley Group at 843.945.1880 ext. 100 and we’ll help you look for the perfect listing or buyers agent!

    At The Trembley Group, we pride ourselves on being the experts at more than just selling real estate. We are local residents, some of us have been here for a lifetime. The rest of us will be here until the end of time. We love living, working, and playing in the diverse backyard of Coastal Carolina, and look forward to helping you live and love your dreams soon too. Please reach out to us by phone or email for personalized service and one-on-one advice. 


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