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    How To Be A Great Leader | Two Smart Tips

    Scott Trembley: Good afternoon. This is Scott Trembley, President and CEO of The Trembley Group Real Estate firm. I hope you guys are all doing fantastic out there. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about our mission statement, and it’s Developing the Most Trusted Leaders in the Real Estate Industry. And with that, just a couple of leadership tips that I’ll give you today that will really help you in the sales field of selling real estate.

    A couple of them are really having great listening skills. One thing that I’ve learned and we’ve learned along the way is great leaders are always great listeners. And then being that great listener always summarizing, at the end of your relationship with a client or your first meeting, everything that you’ve discussed.

    For example is, whenever you’re working with a client, you want to ask them a lot of great questions on the front end. You want to understand their big ‘why’ behind their making a move. You want to understand all about their motivation, and their price points, and the budget, the location, the areas. Maybe their kids live in the area and that’s a big motivating factor for them moving here. Maybe they have family or friends as well, maybe this is going to be a second home. Maybe the beach is really, really important to them or the school system … so all of those things.

    In asking those questions in a very respectful way, you’re gaining a lot of respect there from them because you really truly care, and you’re working towards an incredible solution for them. But once you’ve done that, I think one of the steps that a lot of folks miss is that summarizing. After you’ve had this conversation, you’ve built great rapport, you’ve asked all these questions, what you want to do is say, “Okay Mr. And Mrs. Smith, this has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to us meeting tomorrow at 2:00 o’clock and I feel very, very good about the solutions I can put in front of you.

    But let me summarize what we’ve discussed. So based on our discussion, your budget is somewhere around the 250, to 300,000 dollar mark. You want to be within about three or four miles of the ocean, the Carolina Forest or Myrtle Beach School District is very important to us because of our kids. Your friends actually live right around the corner in Carolina Forest. Your mother is going to be moving here as well. You’re pulling some of the cash from the sale of your current home to make this move. You guys are ready to make this move as soon as you can find something.

    A bonus room in the home is really important to you. You have two dogs and so you need a big backyard, a fenced in backyard. At the end of the day you’re ready to go ahead and take the next step and get that preapproval, so we have that all lined up for you. That really is just about everything we discussed. Have I missed anything? Does that sound like we’re on the same page?”

    Most of the time you’ll get great feedback and they’ll say, “Yeah, it sounds fantastic,” or heck you never know, you might miss something and they’ll let you know then. But I’ll tell you what it does is it allows you to … At the end of the process, the biggest thing you want is you want you and your clients to mutually be on the same page.

    When you are, there can really be great lives changed moving forward and not to mention, the respect level in your relationship goes really, really high. Trust me on this, you’ll spend a lot less time out there searching because the trust level is so high and through this process, you probably eliminated a lot of things that maybe were distractions to them.

    So with that said, at the end of the day I really want you to do two things. I want you to be a great listener, because leaders are great listeners, and I want you to summarize with all of your clients going forward, and make sure you do. Once you do, set that appointment and go out there and change some more lives. After that, I look forward to talking to you and seeing you again soon. Have a great afternoon. Take care.

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