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    Fun Things To Do In The Home

    Since most schools, businesses, and events along the Grand Strand are on hold for now as well as many people being quarantined inside, the question becomes what to do? Considering everything that is going on, Keller Williams The Trembley Group came up with a list of five things to do with your family while staying inside. We understand that this is an uncertain time in the world with the Coronavirus pandemic, but the KWTTG team wants you to know that you can still find joy at this moment.

    We realize that with school and businesses being closed, that leaves the children at home, giving an opportunity to spend quality time together. Even if you do not have children in the house, these fun things to do can still be for you too! Now let us see how we can bring out your creative and lively side right here, right now.

    1. Play games

    There are so many different entertaining games that you could play to bring some laughs out; that is why it is our first fun thing to do. We know there are not only countless types of games to play but also various ways to play games. If we go back to the old school days for a moment before tablets and smartphones, we come across the good ole board games. Board games may be old fashion; nevertheless, they are just as fun. Some will say they are even more fun! Some timeless board games include:

    • Monopoly
    • Sorry!
    • Apples to Apples
    • Scattergories
    • Backgammon
    • Chess

    There are a diverse number of games that you can play with just a deck of cards. Games like

    • Go Fish
    • Spades
    • Solitaire (if you are bored by yourself) 
    • Poker
    • Finally the legendary game of Uno that you can never go wrong with playing. You are sure to have fun from a good round of Uno.

    Now let us say you do not have any board game or cards in the house because your kids never touched them, and all they did was collect dust, so you got rid of them. Not to worry! This is where modern-day technology comes in handy when you are stuck inside. Grab a smartphone or a tablet, and you have enough games to last you well, probably forever! Just go to the App Store and search any games you are looking for to see if it is available and download it to your device. If you do not know what to search, start with any of the games we listed above. There are tons of free games to download that you and your family can play, so if you are not having fun with it, just go onto the next game! Let us take a look at some games that you do not need any board games to play or any device to use. Some of these entertaining games include charades, an indoor scavenger hunt, and hide and seek. You could spend some great quality time with your family playing any number of these games listed above to create some memorable moments and laughs.


    2. Arts and Crafts

    Bring out your creative side with arts and crafts. You do not just need to be a kid to have fun drawing, coloring, and painting. Release your inner vision! Grab coloring books, colored pencils, crayons, paint, paper, markers, and anything else you or your kids need to have an art class. A fun challenge to consider is having everyone draw a self-portrait or even a family portrait! For this challenge, all you need is to grab a mirror, have the family sit down at the table together, and start the challenge with whatever supplies you prefer. We never said you had to be an artist, just be you! Turn on some music and have a blast! You will be surprised by how much time you can spend doing arts and crafts since there are so many things you to do. If you have some paper, glue, and scissors, you can cut shapes out and create anything you imagine! An excellent idea to spend some time with your kids is for everyone to create vision boards. This board is based on whatever you love in life! Help guide your child to make their vision board and make one for yourself. It can be filled with different passions, sports, pictures, quotes, goals, anything that makes you, you! Everyone’s board will look different. Allow yourself and your child to really express themselves here. This can be hung up in the kid’s room, playroom, basement, or anywhere it can be seen daily by that individual. Arts and crafts help not only build creativity, but innovation, critical thinking, and is another excellent way to spend quality time socializing with your family.

    P.S. We are not responsible for paint messes. Use at your own risk!


    3. Read a book together or write a new story

    At Keller Williams The Trembley Group, our team knows the importance of life -long reading and learning. Take the time to pick a story to read with your kids. Reading to your kids is an awesome way to spend time together. But you say all your kids are different ages and enjoy different genres of books? Not a problem, have everyone pick the book they want to read and sit down in the same room together. Even though you are reading separate books, you are still spending time together. Now you may be thinking KWTTG team, how are we supposed to get the books from the library since they are closed? Great question! Nowadays you can download books right online. Convenient in situations where you are stuck inside. If you do not have any access to books online or in your home, we still have something for you! Write your own story together. It can be about anything you want. Doing this will help develop teamwork and imagination, which are essential skills to have! The whole idea is to have fun being creative, and inventful. Who knows, you could just happen to write the next biggest book idea since Harry Potter!


    4. Binge-watch movies or TV shows

    Who does not love to sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie or TV show? Since most of us are quarantined inside, there is enough time to watch a few things you have never seen before. Mix it up. Watch different genres of movies and TV shows. Find movies that bring everyone so much laughter that they cry or find an educational documentary to learn something new. The choice is up to you! The goal is to enjoy each other’s company and relax while doing so.


    5. Stay connected to other friends and family

    Even though we hear the term social distancing being thrown around during this Cornovirus pandemic, this does not mean we have to be isolated from the outside world. It is important to keep your physical distance from others, outside of those who live in your household, in order to help this virus from spreading further. The great thing about the day and age we live in is technology. Technology allows us the ability to interact with those who are not physically present with us but they are just a phone call away. Just because we are quarantined inside does not mean that we have to be unconnected. We understand that with all that is going on it can feel overwhelming and scary at times. We want you to know that you are not alone. Stay connected via phone, text message, email, video calls through Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts with friends and family. Utilize the tools we have in our society to make your situation feel as comfortable as possible. It is super important to touch base with those you love. Use this time as an opportunity to deepen your relationships. Of course, it is better when we are in the same physical space, but quality time can happen just by hearing the other person’s voice. Maybe there are some people you have not heard from in a long time, reach out to them! The more love we share towards each other in difficult times, the better off the world is.

    Do not know who to call next? Call your KWTTG Real Estate Professional. They are an awesome source and surely can bring a smile to your face as well as tremendous knowledge to your brain! Even with all this chaos going around on the outside, people still need a place to live. If you know anyone who needs an outstanding realtor, Keller Williams The Trembley Group is here to serve. This is also a time in history where interest rates are at a record low. Our smart clients are taking advantage of interest rates and refinancing. We work with incredible lenders that we can get you in contact with to find out more details. I mean, why not, there is time! We are here to be a valuable source for any of your real estate needs. We are just a phone call away!


    Keller Williams The Trembley Group wants families along the Grand Strand to stay healthy and happy during these times. We hope we gave you some creative and fun ideas that bring you and your family joy during the time that is spent stuck in the house. Use this time to develop closer bonds between you and your household, no matter what activity you are doing. That is what we hope for you. And remember to take your vitamins! Stay proactive and stay smart. If you are not feeling well, consult a doctor immediately. Let us all work together to keep our world a better place. That is all for now. KWTTG loves you!


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