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    Front Door Matters

    The front door matters because it’s the focal point of a home’s exterior. The place where we greet guests and family as they approach. Its jack-o-lanterns and wreaths welcome the seasons and holidays. When most people look at your home, some folks might think the first thing they see is the paint color, the architectural style, or the landscaping. What they see are the exterior doors. Most homes have the front door as the focal point.

    In this example, the “before” was nice, but the colonial architecture was hiding this door in a sea of brick. Now it’s perfect!


    Something visible every day, a front door is likely something overlooked. The front door may be a final touch put on a home, but it becomes the home’s first impression. Not only does a door protect a home, but it can also change a home’s look. The eye is naturally drawn to the door when looking at or approaching a house, and the right door will have a considerable impact on the look and feel of a home.

    Some people refer to an entry door as a home’s mouthpiece because it plays such an integral role in welcoming visitors to a home. It does far more. A door is more than just an entrance into your home. It plays a crucial role in a home’s safety, its appearance, and its energy efficiency. So a simple new entry door installation can significantly improve the value of a home and even help it sell.


    While an exterior door greets and welcomes family, friends, and neighbors, it plays an even more critical role in keeping unwanted guests out of a home. Without a sturdy and secure front door, a homeowner puts their home and family at risk for burglary or even more dangerous crimes. The front door remains a common point of entry for home intruders. A door that looks old, flimsy, worn-out, and easy to breach is simply an open invitation to thieves. A strong, solid door, by contrast, is a powerful deterrent and gives your whole home the appearance of being locked down and carefully protected. The front door also protects the house from the elements. And when hurricane-force winds start blowing, a front door needs to be strong enough to withstand it.


    An exterior door plays a major role in a home’s appearance. When a homeowner chooses a beautiful new replacement door, they improve the curb appeal of a home. A worn-out or a dull, mundane door can hurt the overall appearance of a home and ultimately hurt the value of a home. When trying to sell a home, an old, boring door will possibly make it more difficult. It will likely result in a lower price than it would be with a new, stylish door.

    Style and Personality

    There’s a common misconception that only one or two styles of doors will work with a home’s design. It’s possible to mix and match styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to give a home some pizzazz and real personality. The door can complement the look of a home or serve as a bold point of contrast. Door selection can fit the neighborhood look or make a home stand out from the crowd.

    Curb Appeal and Value

    Since a front door is such a focal point, it is one of the first things that prospective buyers see when they arrive to see a home. A great looking door gives a home instant curb appeal and makes a home’s features look better by proximity. It’s a stretch to say that the front door alone will sell your home, but it will certainly help. Even if there’s no plan to sell anytime soon, a quality door adds lasting value to a home-that will one day translate to a higher asking price.

    Energy Efficiency

    A lot of people forget the connection between an entry door and a home’s energy efficiency. An old door can decrease the efficiency of a home and increase the cost of heating and cooling. Older doors don’t feature innovative materials and insulation. It’s likely that an older door, that doesn’t have a great seal when it’s closed, will let cold air escape in the summer, and chilly air come in the winter. When a homeowner notices a drafty door, it’s time for a new one.

    Several Realtors and Real Estate Professionals at Keller Williams The Trembley Group recommend several good sites for choosing an entry door. The buying guides from (

    and Consumer Reports ( as well as catalogs from Masonite ( and Pella (, both manufacturers of quality entry doors, are a wealth of information and ideas. 



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