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    Basketball Superstar Brings Her ‘HooP-spa’ to Work at The Trembley Group

    Scott Trembley: Hello everyone, Scott Trembley here, president and CEO of The Trembley Group Real Estate Firm here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, otherwise known ac Coach T. I hope everybody out there is doing simply amazing today. And speaking about being simply amazing, I am standing here with an amazing individual. Her name is Whitney Perry. How we doing, Whitney?

    Whitney Perry: I’m doing good.

    Scott Trembley: Nice, I love that. Now, she is a Virginia Tech fan, which is kind of tough because we know the Tigers sort of rolled in, but we won’t go there right now.

    Whitney Perry: That’s neither here nor there.

    Scott Trembley: But anyhow, here’s the thing guys, here’s what I want to talk about today. Whitney is one of our rockstar client care specialists and you guys may know that as an inside sales agent. We’ve taken that to another level, which is our client care specialist. I’m gonna ask Whitney today to tell us about what you guys do on a day to day basis to just crush the business and change lives. Just kind of break that down for us a little bit.

    Whitney Perry: Well, pretty much every day we kind of try to go by the same routine. What we do is we’ll come in, hit the phones as quick as we can, as enthusiastically as we can and pretty much just try to make everyone that we come across feel our energy as early as possible.

    Scott Trembley: Love it.

    Whitney Perry: So we try to get everyone as woke up as we are first thing in the morning and get as excited about the decisions that they’re about to make as we are.

    Scott Trembley: Yeah. So Whitney called me not too long ago and she’s like, “Oh my God. I get it now why I’m doing what I’m doing,” and she was sharing with me how she was on the phone with these folks and tears came to their eyes and they were totally thanking her about changing their lives and how that Whitney, just on the phone with them, taking the time to truly change their life and they [inaudible 00:01:56]. How’s that feel?

    Whitney Perry: It felt wonderful.

    Scott Trembley: Yeah. I mean, she was super, super pumped. So we’re always changing lives every day. On that note, I’m gonna talk about, Whitney’s been with us for five months and speaking of changing lives, I want you, Whitney to share with us a couple of things that have truly impacted you, maybe two or three things since you’ve been here with the Trembley Group with us that have just impacted your life and brought great change in your life.

    Whitney Perry: The comradery in this environment is untouchable. The way we all work together, the way everyone is so supportive of each other, it’s really hard. One of the first things you told me before I ever started was, “You can’t be in a bad mood here,” and I was like, “You want to bet?” But you walk in here and all of your worries, everything just kind of goes away because so many people genuinely have your back and it’s almost hard to believe or hard to understand until you actually experience it yourself. But everyone is so for you. So when we fail, we fail together and when we win, we win together and we’re so excited to hear each other’s stories and to just thrive off of each other. I read once that if you don’t love what you do, what are you doing?

    Scott Trembley: Yeah. True.

    Whitney Perry: That’s kind of where we’re at here is this is the first time I’ve been able to come to work and be so excited and I’m like, “Oh, [inaudible 00:03:13]. I guess I can do this tomorrow.” It’s a whole nother ball game when you can really enjoy what you do.

    Scott Trembley: Yeah. Awesome. By the way, they retired this young lady’s jersey in high school basketball. So she’s kind of competitive and I really kind of love that. This girl is just truly awesome. So thank you so much for being awesome. But I want to transition right over here to the board and real quickly speak to our five core values. We all think they’re pretty darn amazing. But I’m gonna have Whitney just share with us the one that’s truly impacted her the most. Which one would that be, Whitney?

    Whitney Perry: It would definitely be coachable for me.

    Scott Trembley: Awesome. So tell me about coachable.

    Whitney Perry: The reason that I would choose coachable out of this list is because as you mentioned, I am an athlete and so I’m driven to win. I don’t want to do well. I want to be the best at everything I do. So coming from something that was totally unrelated to real estate, I kind of had to take my pride out of everything and really remember that it’s okay to not be the best and it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to keep learning to try to get to the best and I’m surrounded by such great people that they want me to be the best also. So while we’re all just building all of our skills as much as we can, we’re also learning every single day as much as we can. So we’re just as excited to do well as we are to learn.

    Scott Trembley: Awesome. Boom on the coachable. Love it, love it, love it. So here’s the thing, guys and gals out there. If you are one of those, maybe you want to be the best. Maybe you’re willing to win. Maybe you’re one to take your coaching and training into a whole nother level. Maybe you’re going to 2X, 3X, 4X your business, get a cultural shift. I’m not sure. But this video, the client care specialist side, the real estate sales executive side really, really resonates with you, I’d love to have a real estate conversation with you. Always, always, always looking for that next special person. So reach out to me. My cell phone number is 843-455-6636 and my email address is scott@thetrembleygroup.com. Be amazing. Change a life and go win today. Have a great day.

    Whitney Perry: Stay killing it.

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